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william hill bonus code

William Hill Bonus Codefeatured

For a betting company to have close to eighty years of experience and still be going is an incredible thing and William Hill is almost the template for all successful bookmakers. The success of the company is built off of the foundations set long before the internet came along and when it did, they made the most of the opportunity.


William Hill Promo Code and Sign up Offers


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As well as owning hundreds of shops around the world, William Hill services thousands of people worldwide and helps them have the fun and release that they need. William Hill has provided its services online since the late 1990s, and since then has established its long reputation there, too.


The online bookmaking section of William Hill is extraordinary, with a sea of excellent sports to bet upon and find what suits you most. Whether it’s soccer or its horse racing you prefer, William Hill tends to cover them all. You can find a huge range of promotions for both sports book offerings as well as the outstanding poker and casino sections that it now promotes.


They offer a fine blend of the three most popular forms of online gaming and if you want to be a part of that type of network to get your hands involved in as many different types of gaming as possible then why not consider signing up? It’s one of the safest and most reputable parts of the online bookmaking world, and you will find a wealth of excellent things to do and involve yourself within minutes of signing up.


There is also a lot of great offers for newcomers, when you first sign up you will be given the chance to get help with things like deposit bonuses – so that you get a nice little bonus when you sign up to give you some more money to get to know Will Hill with. It’s easier to enjoy the betting when you are playing with bonus money, right?


Take a look at the William Hill promo code at the top of this screen to get a free bet today. With the large betting limits available here, there is plenty of scope for value as well. If you are somebody who has a bit of free money to play with you can really find some great odds and promotions to play with here on William Hill. If this type of idea appeals to you, then you should look into signing up – this market leader really does have just about everything you would be looking for from an online bookmaker!

07 Aug 2014

Top Slot Playing Tips for the Double Bubble Slot

You may find yourself playing the Double Bubble slot online, as many different gaming sites have chosen to add this highly playable slot game to their slot game menu. If so then you are going to find it is a great playing and high paying slot, if you play it in a certain way that is!


Due to the fact this is an optional paylines slot, and due to the fact maximum pay line players get an enhanced Bubble Line payout then to get the best RTP from the slot you should always activate all 20 pay lines.


Plus for an increased amount of play time and more winning chances do consider making use of one of the many Double Bubble slot bonuses which player of this slot will be offered from various different bingo and casino sites.


Base Game Payouts and Awards


You will be able to review all of the potential winning combinations that you can spin in at any time when you have launched this slot game by simply clicking onto the pay table. When you do one of the first things that will jump off that pay table is the value of the jackpot!


When you spin in five of the Double Bubble Wild on any payline you have put into play then a 20,000 coin base game jackpot payout is going to be awarded to you. Those Double Bubble Wild symbols are wild so they can also help you form winning combinations when they line up alongside other matching reel symbols. The only reel symbols they will not stand in for are the bonus scatter symbols on reels one, three and five.


New Bonus Games and Bonus Features


If you want to give the Double Bubble slot game any amount of play time online then you will obviously want to know what bonus games and features can be awarded to you to determine whether it will be a slot worth playing, and with that in mind below is an overview of this slot games two bonus features.


Extra Bubble Line Payout – No matter how many paylines you have in play you will always have the chance of forming an additional winning combination when playing this slot thanks to the Bubble Line. That payline is filled up with any of the reel symbols which have been spun in on your activated paylines containing a picture of a bubble alongside them.


The payouts you can achieve by filling the Bubble Line with matching reel symbols can be huge as the paylines you have in play are used as the multiply value for that bonus paylines payout, get a winning combination when playing 20 line spins and the multiplier jumps n value to x22!


Pick to Win Bonus Feature – Three of the bubble bonus reels symbols which by the way can only spin in one reels one, three and five, will trigger the Bubble Pop bonus game on this slot. That s a pick to win bonus game which simply entails you picking off one of three bubbles from the screen and by doing so a random amount of cash will then be awarded to you instantly.

16 Feb 2016
carribean stud poker

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker has grown in popularity over the last decade. These days every casino provides their gamers with this table gaming options. This game gives a gambler the chance at winning the jackpot by making a side bet.


The craze is so much that gamblers are willing to make a bet even with a meagre chance of 649,000 to 1. As far as the main game is concerned, the house edge is close to 5%.




The history has no solid reference. This is very unusual for a game, which is relatively new as compared to other table games. However, famous gambler, David Sklansky claims that he invented the game in 1982 in a very popular forum for casinos.


After a few years, Sklansky was approached by another fellow gambler to bring it to Aruba where he would get it patented. Since then casino owners have changed the rules of the game many times to make it where it stands today.


How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker


Caribbean Stud Poker is a form of poker and is played on table. It is important to know the ranking of the hands. As with the case of poker, Caribbean Stud is played against the dealer and the ultimate objective is to get the dealers beaten.


A player need not be concerned about other fellow players. What matters is to beat the hand of the dealer.

  1. The game requires every player to make an ante, which should be equal to the table minimum. The same is placed in a circle known as the ante. At the same moment, a gambler is given an option to make a side bet to get a shot at the jackpot. The worth of the side bet is generally $1.
  2. A shuffler then distributes five cards face down to each player. The dealer has one card up and the rest are face down.
  3. Players now glance at their card and have two options. They can either forfeit the ante or advance with an additional bet. The latter is twice the bet size.


Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker

  1. Players can only wager once, multiple wagging is not allowed.
  2. If a player wants to opt for a side bet, then they have to ensure that $1 gets inserted into the slot and the indicator is turned on.
  3. Gamblers are not allowed to communicate among each other. A violation of this rule will result in the closure of all hands.
  4. A faulty card distribution will result in a dead hand for the player who has received incorrect amount of cards
  5. The table supervisor has the final say in case of any disputes.
  6. The players should show all the five cards to the dealers. Once the card is put down, no player is allowed to touch the card until communicated otherwise by the dealer.
  7. In case the dealer ends up getting four cards, he is entitled to deal one extra card to complete his hand.


Strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker

  1. If the dealer deals ace or king as face up, then your raise should be either A-K-Q or A-K-J.
  2. If the dealer portrays a queen, you should definitely raise A-K. This move is known as the blocker effect.
  3. If the dealer’s face up card turns out to be deuce through five, you should raise A-K-Q or A-K-J.




The payout varies from country to country. But the rule is that the player is entitled to receive one-one on ante. However, the limit of the payout is limited to $5000.

13 May 2014
sports betting strategies

5 Successful Sports Betting Strategies that Work

Sports betting is an extremely popular way to make some quick bucks. That being said, it is essential to know the traits of the game. Unruly betting can lead to disaster. You not only end up losing money but mental piece too. In this article, we are going to explore some easy to follow methods, which will increase your chances of winning.


#1-Create a Separate Fund for Betting


This is the first rule of the game. It is mandatory to use a separate fund for the purpose of betting. Out of this fund, dedicate money for each game that you want to bet on. For example, if you have £500, divide it into 10 separate corpus of £50 each and use the same to bet for 10 different games. There are times when gamblers tend to bet too much to recover the lost money. This is a very bad idea. It involves high risk and less chances of winning. If you have lost on a bet, it’s better to let it go. On the other hand, if you win on your bet, take out 50% of the money from the winning stake and keep it aside. You can use the rest to bet.


#2-Don’t Bet Under Influence


Ever wondered why casinos Lin as Vegas extend free drinks to gamblers? There are two situations, which clouds the judgment of a bettor. One, when he is under the influence of caffeine. Two, when he is taking an emotional decision. Both the facts cited above can play a huge role in losing a bet. Ensure that you evaluate your betting decision with sound logic and that you are in perfect mental sense while making those decisions.


#3-Do your Research


It is perhaps the most important factor, which differentiates a good bettor from an average one. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you have to research adequately on the team/player you are betting on. Google the past history of the team, see the success rate, check the recent trends, and find out what the success rate of a team/player in a particular ground is. The more thorough is your research, the better are your chances of winning the stake. That being said, it is also important to ensure that you take the recent line-up or form of a team into consideration. Just because a team has performed well in the past in a particular venue doesn’t mean that the team will win. Consider as many factors as you can to come up with a logical decision.


#4-Evaluate your Options


This is another crucial aspect of betting. Touch base with multiple sources to find out who is offering you a better deal. It is very likely that your money is worth investing with a different bookie/vendor/platform rather than the existing one. It takes only a few phone calls or a few clicks of your mouse to find out who can offer you a better deal. Consider the one who is offering you a higher rate. It is also important to consider the reputation of a platform. There have been numerous instances when bettors have been cheated. If you are a beginner, play safe by going with a trusted source.


#5-Watch a Match Alone


While no one likes to watch matches alone, it is quite crucial if you are a bettor. This way you will be able to ensure that no one is able to influence you emotionally. You can maintain your composure and enjoy the match better. Another perk of watching a match alone is that you can make better decisions while betting.

04 May 2014

Is Sports Betting Profitable

A sport betting is defined as an activity of predicting game results and placing wagers on outcomes. This is generally viewed as a form of gambling. There are different types of bets used during the betting process depending on the type of sport bet upon.


The common types of bets include straights bets, proposition bets, parlays, progressive parlays, teasers, if bets, future wagers, head to head, totals, and many more. Placing bets is always associated with risks; therefore you have to be very careful in placing bets.


Sports betting have become an important part of sport industry. No wonder, increased numbers of sports betting enthusiasts all over the world are becoming more active in sport betting. Some even consider this activity as an excellent means of earning money. On a general view, a sport betting activity is considered profitable, but there is a note on this and that is not all sports are profitable. The profitability merely depends on the type of sport bet on and the strategies applied.


Winning or losing also depends on the gamblers. They also have the power to make their bets profitable in their own unique and effective strategies. Sport betting is also profitable especially for smart bettors. These individuals have better mindset and perspective and they consider sport betting an activity with no fixed edge. The success therefore lies on their hands and the ways on how to place their bets got impacts on the outcome.


This activity becomes more profitable if bettors have adopted determination and skill rather than luck. Before entering the betting field, you have to familiarize yourself first with betting techniques and gain clear understanding on how sports betting really work. More than just excitement and fun, profitability of sports betting is one of the reasons why individuals become more interested to this activity. Gambling or sport betting can be a practical source of extra income if you know exactly how to facilitate the game well.


There are various ways on how to make gambling more profitable and get that consistent flow of cash. With lots of sports popping up recently both land-based and online, profitable opportunities become endless. One of the best means to earn profit in gambling or sport betting is to choose the right sport. There are varieties of choices you can consider and each of this sport got its own profitability. To make gambling more profitable, individuals have to show willingness to progress on their gambling craft and be open about creating new strategies to increase profit.


Sports betting guarantee more profitability and with the increasing popularity of sport betting, there will also be an expected increase on financial transactions. Based on statistical records, revenues have increased and these are expected to rise over time.


As sports betting become more profitable, there is also the tendency of increased payment options. The realm of sports betting has evolved and this continues to benefit countless individuals all over the world. If you start betting wisely today, there is a chance of earning profit that you can use in the future.

12 Mar 2014
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