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Popular Betting Systems

Betting systems today is getting more popular especially in the casino games. The presence of betting system is getting more popular among most casino players and watchers due to the great prices that will get especially when they win the game. Actually, there are many betting systems that are typically used in the casino games. These systems are the listed below along with the significant information about them.


  1. Optimal Black Jack Betting System

It is significant to use the appropriate Black Jack Betting System in order to become the winner in the game and it has great advantage assets against the online casino. If you are planning to play Black Jack through online, you must know first the basic of betting system and rules in this game because this way, you will have the confidence that you will win in the game.


You must use this betting system because it will give you great chances to win and ideas on how it works within your favor. For beginners, they should read first the rule given in the game. The rules that it provides to players are very simple and easy to understand. However, in some casinos, the rules they implement are a little bit different. Multi players and single player are not recommended to use this system and that is why you must have strategies when you play Black Jack. You must bet always the constant rate or flat bet.


The betting system in this game is:


  • H – hit
  • S –stand
  • D – double
  • DS –double stand
  • P –split
  • H/P – Hit or Split
  • H/R- Hit or Fold
  1. Paroli Betting System

Paroli Betting system is the opposite of Martinqale betting system. In this system, in every time that you will lose your return, size of your bet goes back into its innovative form and once you win, your bet will increase its size. In order for you to analyze the appropriate betting system in this game, the first thing that you need to do is to create a statistics and see the result of your rate awareness. The result that you will gain will surely support you in choosing the number of successive winning bet. The number depends on your chosen chances.


When it comes to the betting Paroli Betting System, you must always begin with the system after the third successive winning bet. This way, you can easily make money when you predict 3 consecutive bets in the 8 restarts.


  1. Martingale Betting System

This betting system has been made simple and profitable. You can only gain a double bet when you got the same color in your preceding bet. You must bet a few amount of money in the red but, when the given result is black, you must bet twice the amount of the money that you have lost in the red again. When it still gives you the same result, you must bet and double again the money you that you lose until you attain your bet.


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