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Top Slot Playing Tips for the Double Bubble Slot

You may find yourself playing the Double Bubble slot online, as many different gaming sites have chosen to add this highly playable slot game to their slot game menu. If so then you are going to find it is a great playing and high paying slot, if you play it in a certain way that is!


Due to the fact this is an optional paylines slot, and due to the fact maximum pay line players get an enhanced Bubble Line payout then to get the best RTP from the slot you should always activate all 20 pay lines.


Plus for an increased amount of play time and more winning chances do consider making use of one of the many Double Bubble slot bonuses which player of this slot will be offered from various different bingo and casino sites.


Base Game Payouts and Awards


You will be able to review all of the potential winning combinations that you can spin in at any time when you have launched this slot game by simply clicking onto the pay table. When you do one of the first things that will jump off that pay table is the value of the jackpot!


When you spin in five of the Double Bubble Wild on any payline you have put into play then a 20,000 coin base game jackpot payout is going to be awarded to you. Those Double Bubble Wild symbols are wild so they can also help you form winning combinations when they line up alongside other matching reel symbols. The only reel symbols they will not stand in for are the bonus scatter symbols on reels one, three and five.


New Bonus Games and Bonus Features


If you want to give the Double Bubble slot game any amount of play time online then you will obviously want to know what bonus games and features can be awarded to you to determine whether it will be a slot worth playing, and with that in mind below is an overview of this slot games two bonus features.


Extra Bubble Line Payout – No matter how many paylines you have in play you will always have the chance of forming an additional winning combination when playing this slot thanks to the Bubble Line. That payline is filled up with any of the reel symbols which have been spun in on your activated paylines containing a picture of a bubble alongside them.


The payouts you can achieve by filling the Bubble Line with matching reel symbols can be huge as the paylines you have in play are used as the multiply value for that bonus paylines payout, get a winning combination when playing 20 line spins and the multiplier jumps n value to x22!


Pick to Win Bonus Feature – Three of the bubble bonus reels symbols which by the way can only spin in one reels one, three and five, will trigger the Bubble Pop bonus game on this slot. That s a pick to win bonus game which simply entails you picking off one of three bubbles from the screen and by doing so a random amount of cash will then be awarded to you instantly.


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